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Locks are key-changeable over 13,000 times, meaning our locks truly are the last lock you will ever need.

No more counting dimples or replacing locks when codes run out. 

All locks begin in the neutral position (dots on lock face across from each other), are placed into code with the insertion and 180 degree turn of an operator key, and can be returned to neutral with the code change key and a 180 degree turn.

The locks returned to neutral can be stored as inventory for later use for any application or lock need, meaning

no more sorting by application

less inventory to maintain

no cores to buy, change, or store

Best yet, all major manufacturers install our locks on the line. This service saves properties money on payroll and ensures machines arrive onsite with locks already installed. 

Contact us for a demo of our product. 


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Key codes can be changed on the fly with a simple turn of the code change key and then the new operator key.

When changing the code of the lock, the code change key (neutral or reset key) is inserted, turned 180 degrees. This process and the code change key do not operate the lock -- the lock tail and cam remain in the locked position, thus maintaining security and improving efficiency. 

Keys do not bind on insertion and removal, which reduces wear on the key and extends the product life.

Keys have a smart break point built into the narrowest part of the key that remains on the outside of the lock. 

In situations where a key breaks, the key body can be plucked out of the lock with ease, not damaging the lock nor requiring anything to be drilled. 

The patented key ward prevents unauthorized key duplication. 

Keys are unique to each property that orders them.

All keys come as a set of operator keys and code change (neutral or reset) keys. The quantity of each is up to the property. Smallest quantity for quick order/delivery is 5 operator keys and 1 code change key. Special request for smaller quantities are accepted but may impact the time for delivery. 


Switch Locks

Our switch locks have revolutionized the industry. 

Rather than building a separate lock for a separate application, we stayed true to our modern streamlined productline. 

We created switch tails, in both 2-prong and 3-prong, that can be added to the end of our 1-1/8" long lock, converting it into a reset lock for jackpot and attendant switches. 

How does this benefit you?

  • Our switch locks has the same key-changeable technology, giving you control over all locks and key systems for you slot floor.

  • You can change the keys for reset switches as needed, without needing to change the lock.

  • Switch locks can be installed on the line by all major manufacturers, assuring it as well as all other locks come installed prior to machines being delivered.

Plus, our 2-year warranty applies to switch locks and accessories--should any break within the first 2-years, we replace them for you at no cost. 

Contact us to see a demo of our switch locks and learn how they can help you.


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Our padlocks bring the key-changeable technology to all your safekeeping needs, such as cage and IT storage.

Like our standard locks, all padlocks begin in the neutral position and can be returned to neutral as needed. 

Our padlock bodies are 2 inch with a 2 inch shackle. Padlocks with 3 inch shackles are available upon request. 

Our 2-year replacement warranty applies to padlocks as well, so you can rest assured that if a padlock breaks within the first 2-years, we will replace it at no cost. 

Contact us to learn more.


Call 512-771-7774


Table Game Locks

Like all locks in our product line, table game locks are key-changeable over 13,000 times and come with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Table game locks allow you to customize your table game keys in a way that suits your operation, and adapts along the way. 

Our push lock is designed as a 1-way pull with ultimate smooth keyway access and a clean and simple release of the plunger with the turn of the key. Ideal for table covers, large chip boxes, crap floats and toke boxes.

Our roulette lock is created with components that act as an extension to our 5/8" or 1 1/8" lock, depending on your table's specifications. The roulette locking mechanism is a slam (self-locking) application that uses a 5 1/2" shaft that screws into the tail of our locks, with a disc that is mounted to the roulette table surface under top.  The lock and shaft go down through the lexan roulette float and into the disc receiver to secure the float lid.  Because this is a slam-type lock, he key is only required to unlock/release the shaft for removal of the roulette float lid.

Contact us for a demo of our product. 


Call 512-771-7774


Hardware & Lock Tool

Our lock hardware is also thoughtfully designed, and our lock tool is made with the lock technician in mind:

Stop cam:

Anyone who has installed a lock will appreciate that our stop cam is clearly marked L for left hand turn and R for right hand turn. This saves time when installing or replacing locks and removes the guesswork from the equation. 

Tail nut:

Our tail nut is nylon lined specifically for the lock tail, ensuring the nut will never loosen and will not require excessive torque to install, as overtightening the nut will create problems with the lock. Never overtighten the nut, and after each install, backturn 1/2 to 1 full turn. 

Barrel nut:

Our barrel nut is designed with smooth threads, allowing easy fingertightening down the barrel. It also has one flat side for secure fit and one curved side to indicate the difference. 


Cams, or, paddles or tigs, as some customers call them, are included only when requested. Because machines vary so greatly, we rely on customers to indicate as best as possible the length and style needed. We do not supply manufacturer-specific cams. 

Wood applications:

We also have hardware for wooden applications, like a flat positioning plate that creates the standard d shape for secure placement of locks. 

Lock Tool:

Our lock tool is an all-in-one nut to nut lock installer's dream. A ratchet wrench for the tail nut on one end has been combined with a modified barrel nut wrench on the other end. This one tool can install locks from start to finish, with ease and.

Check it out, your techs will love them.



Whether you need key identifiers for your team, key rings to keep things organized, or key reels for convenience, we have you covered. 

Contact us for our full list of available items. If we do not carry what you are looking for, we will do our best to source it for you.


Call 512-771-7774


Installation Services

Installing locks is no small task, and we are here to help. 

We have helped many customers convert their slot floor from old locks to our new locks. 

We assist with installation or conversion projects from a few hundres slot machines to a few thousand. 

We  also provide product training, either along with or separate from installation work. 

Each property's installation needs are unique, so please contact us so we can discuss yours. 

From there, we provide a quote for the requested size and scope of service.


Call 512-771-7774

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