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Switch Locks

2-Prong and 3-Prong Add-Ons

Our switch locks have revolutionized the industry. 

Rather than building a separate lock for a separate application, we stayed true to our modern streamlined productline. 

We created switch tails, in both 2-prong and 3-prong, that can be added to the end of our 1-1/8" long lock, converting it into a reset lock for jackpot and attendant switches. 

How does this benefit you?

  • Our switch locks has the same key-changeable technology, giving you control over all locks and key systems for you slot floor.

  • You can change the keys for reset switches as needed, without needing to change the lock.

  • Switch locks can be installed on the line by all major manufacturers, assuring it as well as all other locks come installed prior to machines being delivered.

Plus, our 2-year warranty applies to switch locks and accessories--should any break within the first 2-years, we replace them for you at no cost. 

Contact us to see a demo of our switch locks and learn how they can help you.


Call 512-771-7774

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