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  • How does your lock “save me money”?
    Our locks save you money in multiple ways: 1) they are key-changeable over 13,600 times 2) no more sorting by application 3) no shipping cores 4) lifetime guarantee on keys, two years on locks 5) no counting of dimples 6) locks can be reused and repurposed as needed 7) all locks are high security
  • Can your locks come “pre-installed” from the factory?
    Yes! All major manufacturers install our locks on their assembly lines upon request. When you place an order with a manufacturer, your sales rep can indicate with the order that Lockdogs are to be installed. Contact us to learn more about how to request Lockdogs locks be installed on the line for your order. Call 512-771-7774 Email
  • Can you install the locks for us?
    We understand that upgrading and converting a slot floor can be a daunting task. Our team of lock technicians is available to install our locks on your EGM’s, tables, cage, and kiosks. Lockdogs will work with you to train and educate your team regarding best installation practices. Additionally, should you require additional manpower, Lockdogs has a team of dedicated technicians that will be more than glad to install the locks for you. Contact for a personalized installation quote.
  • How long does it take to re-key my property of 1,000 EGM’s?
    Once your locks are installed, you could rekey your entire floor all applications in less than 1- 8 hour shift. Recoding is as simple as turning a key.
  • How do we get started with your locks?
    Properties have many options when they upgrade to Lockdogs locks. You can gradually introduce the locks on new EGM’s installed by manufacturers. You can also order locks as best suits your needs. Some properties order locks for one application at a time, such as main door, while others order locks for the entire floor and either installs them on their own or has our team of lock technicians to assist. When ordering large quantities of locks, some properties opt for our subscription service: Monthly or quarterly shipments of locks designed to fit your OPX budget requirements Please email us at to discuss options for your property.
  • How do I get a quote?
    Email for a quote.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Depends on the size of your order. Many small lock orders we deliver in about one week and larger orders take 2-3 weeks. Because your keys are 100% high security and your codes are unique to only your property, we suggest allowing 3-4 weeks for keys.
  • What are my payment and ordering options for locks?
    For payments, we accept ACH, wire, PayPal, and check. For ordering locks, you have the option to order in any quantity you desire in one sum or through our subscription service. If ordered in one sum, we would deliver to you all lock quantities at once, with payment expected per the order terms. If ordered with the subscription service, we would divide the total locks ordered into quantities for delivery either on a monthly or quarterly basis per the timeframe designated, with monthly payments per agreed upon terms. We are happy to discuss options best for your property. Email us at
  • What lengths of locks do you carry?
    We carry the industry standard sizes of 5/8" short, 7/8" medium, and 1 1/8" long locks. Our medium and long locks are available in 1-way or 2-way pull. Short locks are 1-way pull only. All locks are the standard double d diameter.
  • Do I have to count dimples?
    No! Our locks employ 21st century technology and are key-changeable in excess of 13,600 times. This means there is no “planned obsolescence” and they are truly the last locks you will ever need.
  • Do your locks only come in Silver/Chrome?
    No we also have locks available in a Gold Finish.
  • Do you have Jackpot reset and attendant locks?
    Yes! We have locks with both two and three prong configurations depending on your manufacturers requirement. Additionally, these locks use the same key type and don't require any spring mechanism.
  • Do your locks work for Table Games?
    Our locks are truly the last locks you will ever need. You can use them and reuse them throughout your casino.
  • Our float trays require special locks, do you have them?
    Yes, we supply slam locks for table games.
  • I see you have Padlocks are they key changeable ?
    Yes, our padlocks are key changeable.
  • I need lock hardware. Who do I contact?
    Write answer here.
  • I need to order more keys. Who do I contact?
    Please email us at or call 512-771-7774 to place your key orders.
  • Can I order additional keys to have on hand in case of an emergency?
    Absolutely! In fact we encourage all of our properties to have an extra “just in case” code for emergencies.
  • Will another casino or operator have the same key codes that we have?
    No, our key codes are protected by a system that safeguards against the assignment of the codes to multiple properties. The keys and codes assigned to your property will be unique to you and will never be assigned elsewhere.
  • Why do you say you have the best warranties in the business?
    We offer a 2- year warranty on our locks and a lifetime warranty on our keys. This means that any locks that break within two years after purchase, we replace at no cost. Any keys that break during the lifetime of their use, we replace at no cost. Like we say -- the best warranties in the industry!
  • I have a broken lock. What do I do?
    With our 2-year lock warranty, please set aside any lock that breaks, and notify us by emailing with the following information: Quantity and sizes of broken locks Details about how and when the lock broke The address that replacement locks can be shipped to Once we receive that information, a return label will be emailed to you, so that locks can be returned to the factory for inspection. Once you ship the broken locks, the replacement locks will be sent to you at the address you provided.
  • I have a broken key. What do I do?
    With our lifetime warranty on keys, please notify us right away when a key breaks so that we can get replacements ordered for you. In the email, provide the following information: The key number and code Pictures of the broken key, if available Details about how and when the key broke The address that replacement keys can be shipped to Dispose of the broken keys per your property's process and specifications -- broken keys do not need to be returned to us. Please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for replacement keys to be delivered.
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