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Hardware & Lock Tool

Nylon lined tail nuts, thoughtful stop cams, and more.

Our lock hardware is also thoughtfully designed, and our lock tool is made with the lock technician in mind:

Stop cam:

Anyone who has installed a lock will appreciate that our stop cam is clearly marked L for left hand turn and R for right hand turn. This saves time when installing or replacing locks and removes the guesswork from the equation. 

Tail nut:

Our tail nut is nylon lined specifically for the lock tail, ensuring the nut will never loosen and will not require excessive torque to install, as overtightening the nut will create problems with the lock. Never overtighten the nut, and after each install, backturn 1/2 to 1 full turn. 

Barrel nut:

Our barrel nut is designed with smooth threads, allowing easy fingertightening down the barrel. It also has one flat side for secure fit and one curved side to indicate the difference. 


Cams, or, paddles or tigs, as some customers call them, are included only when requested. Because machines vary so greatly, we rely on customers to indicate as best as possible the length and style needed. We do not supply manufacturer-specific cams. 

Wood applications:

We also have hardware for wooden applications, like a flat positioning plate that creates the standard d shape for secure placement of locks. 

Lock Tool:

Our lock tool is an all-in-one nut to nut lock installer's dream. A ratchet wrench for the tail nut on one end has been combined with a modified barrel nut wrench on the other end. This one tool can install locks from start to finish, with ease and.

Check it out, your techs will love them.

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