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Nickel-Alloy Bi-Directional Keys

Key codes can be changed on the fly with a simple turn of the code change key and then the new operator key.

When changing the code of the lock, the code change key (neutral or reset key) is inserted, turned 180 degrees. This process and the code change key do not operate the lock -- the lock tail and cam remain in the locked position, thus maintaining security and improving efficiency. 

Keys do not bind on insertion and removal, which reduces wear on the key and extends the product life.

Keys have a smart break point built into the narrowest part of the key that remains on the outside of the lock. 

In situations where a key breaks, the key body can be plucked out of the lock with ease, not damaging the lock nor requiring anything to be drilled. 

The patented key ward prevents unauthorized key duplication. 

Keys are unique to each property that orders them.

All keys come as a set of operator keys and code change (neutral or reset) keys. The quantity of each is up to the property. Smallest quantity for quick order/delivery is 5 operator keys and 1 code change key. Special request for smaller quantities are accepted but may impact the time for delivery. 

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