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5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1- and 2-way pulls

Locks are key-changeable over 13,000 times, meaning our locks truly are the last lock you will ever need.

No more counting dimples or replacing locks when codes run out. 

All locks begin in the neutral position (dots on lock face across from each other), are placed into code with the insertion and 180 degree turn of an operator key, and can be returned to neutral with the code change key and a 180 degree turn.

The locks returned to neutral can be stored as inventory for later use for any application or lock need, meaning

no more sorting by application

less inventory to maintain

no cores to buy, change, or store

Best yet, all major manufacturers install our locks on the line. This service saves properties money on payroll and ensures machines arrive onsite with locks already installed. 

Contact us for a demo of our product. 


Call 512-771-7774

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