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Table Game Locks

Push locks, roulette locks, and more.

Like all locks in our product line, table game locks are key-changeable over 13,000 times and come with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Table game locks allow you to customize your table game keys in a way that suits your operation, and adapts along the way. 

Our push lock is designed as a 1-way pull with ultimate smooth keyway access and a clean and simple release of the plunger with the turn of the key. Ideal for table covers, large chip boxes, crap floats and toke boxes.

Our roulette lock is created with components that act as an extension to our 5/8" or 1 1/8" lock, depending on your table's specifications. The roulette locking mechanism is a slam (self-locking) application that uses a 5 1/2" shaft that screws into the tail of our locks, with a disc that is mounted to the roulette table surface under top.  The lock and shaft go down through the lexan roulette float and into the disc receiver to secure the float lid.  Because this is a slam-type lock, he key is only required to unlock/release the shaft for removal of the roulette float lid.

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