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February 23, 2022

Colville Casinos Convert to Lockdogs High Security Locks

The final property converts to Lockdogs locks.

In Feb 2021, Mill Bay Casino (now Lake Chelan Casino) and Coulee Dam Casino, two of three Colville Tribes' properties, west of Spokane, WA, converted their slot floors from old barrel locks to Lockdogs Lock.

The Lockdogs install team helped the Colville team convert both properties in one week's time. Their slot floors are now secured with high-security code-changeable locks that will not rust or wear, along with user-friendly nickel-alloy keys.

Fast forward to Jan 2022 and the final of three properties, Omak Casino (formerly 12 Tribes Casino) worked alongside the Lockdogs install team to convert their floor to Lockdogs Locks. Bye-bye barrel locks, hello convenience!

All three Colville properties now have locks that can be coded and recoded over 13,000 times, making these truly the last locks that they will ever need!

Special Thanks and Congratulations!

Lockdogs thanks the Colville teams, Reylene Kalal, Ricky Diaz, and Michael Chapa for their forward-thinking leadership and contributions to the success of each lock installation.

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