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October 2, 2022

Lockdogs to Appear at G2E 2022 Booth 1418

Locks, keys, and all products will be on full display.

The first appearance at G2E for Lockdogs will be a memorable one.

Many markets are still unaware that an alternative lock for their slot floor, kiosks, tables, cage, and other applications even exists.

Current dimple technology limits customers to a finite number of changes the locks can undergo, and does not allow the locks to be customizable as the needs for the property changes.

Our key-changeable technology removes those limitations. With over 13,000 codes, our locks offer complete customization, flexibility, and freedom, allowing customers to code and recode locks as needed, and store any unused locks in what we call "the neutral position," making the locks ready for immediate use, regardless of the need.

Visit Jeff of Lockdogs in booth 1418 for a demo.

View the complete 2022 Floor Plan here!

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